Make plastic smart

Make plastic Smart

Respect for the environment – and sensitivity to sustainability issues that will affect future generations – are a key part of our corporate culture. The SapiSelco Make Plastic Smart project aims to raise awareness and promote smarter use of plastic products: it aims to reduce waste, contain consumption, improve recycling and, above all, lengthen the lifecycle of products made with this vital material, plastic.

SapiSelco’s cable ties and other products embrace the “Smart Plastic” concept by seeing them as durable goods that solve key long-term application needs.

“A company philosophy that allows us to safeguard the environment and provide lasting protection for the polymer we care so much about”

Giacomo Griggio
Sales Manager

SapiSelco’s solid commitment to sustainability

  • ISO 14001 environmental certification.
  • Implementation of efficiency/energy-saving policies on electrically powered production plants and machines.
  • Procurement of raw materials from the supplier Ascend Performing Materials, which partially powers production with renewable energy sources.
  • Installation of a photovoltaic system to supplement energy requirements.
  • Industrial scrap sold to third parties to retrieve/recycle raw materials.
  • Development of fully recyclable mono-material packaging for our products.
  • Development of the Nyloc product line which guarantees the same performance as a standard cable tie but uses 30% less raw material.
  • Development of a range of releasable and reusable cable ties.
  • The company seeks to make end consumers environmentally aware and reduce waste by ensuring they choose the correct cable tie size according to actual application diameter needs.
  • Project to eliminate single-use plastic within the company’s facilities. Re-usable PET drinking bottles issued to all employees and partners.
  • Donation to Spiritus Mundi Onlus Association which, through the Bosco Vivo scheme, engages in reforestation and urban forestation projects.
  • Establishment of the SapiSelco Natural Park and a Bio-lake water reservoir.