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SapiSelco is an Italian company that has been designing and making cable ties since 1950. The entire production chain – from mould-making to product moulding – is independently managed at the company’s own facilities, all of which are located in Italy.
Automated work centres produce no less than 18 million pieces per day, which are exported to markets all over the globe.

SapiSelco aims to provide customers with products that offer outstanding performance to meet every possible application requirement. That’s why all products undergo strict quality controls, in compliance with the main market certification standards. The result? Guaranteed long-term product performance and service.

“ We’re a family business, and for more than three generations we’ve been driven by the same passion: to create quality products that stem from technological research and innovation by making the most of rigorously Made-in-Italy production. Improving what’s already deemed excellent: that’s what we strive for, every single day, as we seek to earn the trust our customers have placed in us for over 70 years ”

Stefano Griggio



Romeo Griggio

Romeo Griggio founds SAPI (an acronym for Stampaggio Articoli Plastici Industriali, industrial plastic item moulding), a small subcontractor specialising in the production of moulds, mainly hand-built, for processing thermosetting plastic resins. The first workshop, covering some 80m2, is set up in the basement of the family home.





S.A.P.I. grows and strengthens its business as a subcontractor by investing, with considerable foresight, in the first industrial machines of the time. The premature death of founder Romeo Griggio leaves the company in the hands of his wife Enia Camporese who, despite her lack of industry-specific skills, commits to running her husband’s enterprise and building the family business.




Stefano Griggio (engineer)

Stefano Griggio takes over the family business and strengthens S.A.P.I. as a subcontractor for the manufacture of plasticware moulds. Orders for a range of products come in from all over the province. The company receives the first requests for cable ties, innovative products that are increasingly in demand.

Sensing the vast market potential, the company invests in the purchase of the first injection moulding machines, transforming the small mould workshop into a subcontractor manufacturer.




Under the guidance of Stefano Griggio and his wife Loredana Razzadore Griggio, S.A.P.I. outsources mould production and consolidates its manufacturing business by marketing its products through SELCO sales. The sales network expands throughout the country. Burgeoning demand triggers the first major investments in automated packaging solutions, initiating the first stage of automatic intensive production.




The SAPI and SELCO brands merge on the international market to form a single entity, SapiSelco: a family-run business that specialises in the industrial manufacture and distribution of cable ties.

It will go on to be the first Italian company in the industry to invest resources in ISO9001 certification.



Cable Ties

SapiSelco builds its international reputation as an excellent cable tie supplier, providing the widest range of sizes and special materials on the market. At this time Essetre Stampi, a Vicenza-based company specializing in the production of moulds for injection moulding machines, joins the SapiSelco family, the latter becoming the majority shareholder.




Dr. Federico Griggio and Dr. Giacomo Griggio, managing directors of SapiSelco, join their father and company President Stefano Griggio and their mother Loredana Razzadore Griggio in running the family business, taking the company into its third generation.

A full takeover of Essetre Stampi internalises the entire production process, resulting in the founding of the SapiSelco mould department.



The Global Market

Federico Griggio and Giacomo Griggio, together with their mother Loredana Razzadore Griggio, continue to lead the company, allowing SapiSelco to look to the future – and the global market – with confidence thanks to a solid team and a wealth of skills developed over more than 70 years.


a family company