System certifications

A philosophy that aims to achieve full customer satisfaction by prioritising health and safety and taking an approach that focuses on the environment and sustainability.

Cert. 0518176
Certified automotive quality management system.

Cert. IIP 46
Certified quality management system.

Cert. CERT-464-2002-AE-VEN-SINCERT
Certified environmental management system.

Product certifications

SapiSelco products undergo strict testing as per international standards and are certified by the industry’s quality control bodies. Research, development and optimisation of each single product are the hallmarks of an exclusively ‘Made in Italy’ product that stems from 70 years’ experience. A quality that is renowned worldwide.

For further information on the declarations of conformity and product certifications available for each article please write to: info@sapiselco.com

Products Type 21/21S/2/2S, File E160935 (reference standard UL 62275, CSA-C22.2 No.62275, IEC 62275).

Products Type 11, File E160935 (reference standard UL 62275, CSA-C22.2 No.62275).

Certificate n. Z1 095068 0002 Rev. 01 (reference standard EN 62275).

Type Approval Certificate ELE494322CS (reference standard IEC 62275).

Certificate of Type Approval n°09113/E0 BV (reference standard IEC 62275).

Type Approval Certificate n. TAE00003E9 Rev. 01, TAE00003EA Rev. 01 (reference standards IEC 62275 and UL 62275).

LR Type Approval Certificate n°LR2139366TA (reference standards UL 62275 and EN 62275).

Declaration of Conformity

CE MARK: compliant with EU directive 2014/35/EU (our products meet safety requisites if utilised according to the recommended conditions of use).

The employed raw materials do not contain substances listed in European directive 2011/65/EU or amendment 2015/863/EU.

The employed raw materials do not contain substances listed in European regulation 1907/2006.

For further information on declarations of conformity please write to: info@sapiselco.com