19 October 2016

Padua hosts the first Design Talent Show

Casting for the first Design Talent Show in Padua started on 14 October. This unique opportunity will put young talents to the test and bring them into contact with big companies in the sector, such as LAGO and SID.

The event is organised by Design City Padova, an initiative promoted by Fondazione Comunica with Confindustria Padova (the general confederation of Italian industry in Padua), UPA (Provincial Artisans Union), CNA (National Confederation of Artisans and SMEs), the GALILEO science and technology park and SID (the Italian design school).

This display of talent will come to a head at DIGITALmeet, the biggest Italian event for digital alphabetisation of individuals and companies. The theme chosen this time round is “Design&Technology”.
On Friday 21 October, a jury of experts will judge the ideas and proposals entered by the young designers and the three finalists will be interviewed on Saturday 22 October in the White Room at Caffè Pedrocchi.

The Design Talent Show is the first real Italian opportunity for all designers, featuring a new format and also the ability to create a real link between the world of enterprise and young talents.

SapiSelco is one of the proactive participants in the initiative.

After more than 60 years in business, the company is today a leading manufacturer of cable ties and in recent years has set up an innovative project dedicated to Cable Tie Art: ArtisTie.

ArtisTie is a space where national and international artists come together in a dialogue on art made from cable ties, highlighting these normally technical articles in a different context. Not only: ArtisTie promotes Cable Tie Art also through visibility for young talents in its special “Diventa ArtisTie” section for emerging youngsters.

For the Talent Show, the creative space available will be SpazioNodo, created by a team of professionals in the field of design and architecture. The event will also see important participation by the Visual Artist Emmanuele Panzarini with his new installation “White Cloud”, made entirely from SapiSelco cable ties.

For more info, please see the websites www.designcitypadova.it for the event and how to take part, and www.artistie.com to find out more about the initiative made in SapiSelco.